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    • CommentAuthortseryan
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2006
    I really want the EXIF data to be always shown rather than make users clicking the "Show Details" link. It's not too much of an annoyance but it is annoying. Is there any tweak to do this? I've tried to do it myself for hours and have come up with nothing. Thanks.
    • CommentAuthortseryan
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2007
    Still haven't figured out. :(
    • CommentAuthorluv
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2007
    I would also be glad to find a way to do this!

    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2007
    Check out function generate_exif_table in gallery.php, around line 824

    See this code?

    if (!$_SESSION["plogger_details"]){
    $table_data .= ' style="display: none;"';

    In english, this code says "If the plogger_details session variable (which keeps track of whether or not the EXIF table is shown) is false, hide the table with this CSS code (style: display: none).

    Just delete those three lines and it will always be shown.
    Thankful People: luv
    • CommentAuthorluv
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2007
    Wonderful! Worked perfectly! (was line 837 for me though)
    • CommentAuthorredvers
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2007
    Personally I find it "cleaner" to change the plog-globals.php file to amend the default value from 0 to 1 in this section of code :

    if (!isset($_SESSION["plogger_details"])){
    $_SESSION["plogger_details"] = 1;


    either way you'll need to re-do the changes when you install a newer version!
    • CommentAuthorsellpro
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2010
    Guys in the latest version available... this is not working... so please suggest.. what to do to always show the exif data without clicking.