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    • CommentAuthorjack
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2005
    Would it be an idea to:

    1. Make a seperate category for feature requests. In this category there could be two stickies: One which states which feature requests are excepted and will be added / are in development (this could also be placed on the Plogger homepage) and another which states features requests which have been made but are likely never to be included in Plogger.
    On other gallery software sites forums tend to get loaded with all kinds of usefull and/or exotic feature requests which results very often in the same feature requests time after time. This is bad for the forum and sad for people making a request that has already been done many times before.

    2. Perhaps a static page and/or on the left of this screen a small messagebox that says if Plogger has been 'upgraded' to beta-version 2.01 etc., so that (small) bugfixes and/or other adjustments can be made available to the public. Those changed items can then also be tested in this beta release. I know there is the Trac page, but it doesn't offer a fresh download. Also it's not a good idea imho to spread new information about Plogger through too many different pages.