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    Hello again

    I'm looking for help to fix the background colour on my plogger gallery. I have added a banner/logo to the top of the index.php file to display it above the gallery. Due to wanting the image not to be stretched or squeezed out of shape depending on users screen resolutions i set the image to a fixed size rather than a %. However I now seem to have a slight variation in the shades of black ( I know it may seem trivial, but it would be nice to fix it ). If anyone could tell me where and how i need to alter the code to fix this, again it would be appreciated.

    bellow is a link to my gallery so you can see what i wish to fix

    Thanks in advance for any help

    • CommentTimeDec 19th 2007
    Go to the template folder for the one you are using, and find gallery.css.

    Open the file in a plain-text editor, scroll to the first section for body, and change background: #121212; to background: #000;

    Save and reupload the file to your server. Do a hard refresh of the page (or clear your cache) and you should see the changes.
    Thank you, it worked perfect. All my colours are now the same shade and look great

    Thanks again