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    • CommentAuthorPieperLy
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2008
    here is a solution:

    change in plog-includes/plog-functions.php
    go to function (ca. line 100) function generate_title()

    go here to
    case 'picture' section

    case 'picture':
    //new line with global $config
    global $config;
    $row = get_picture_by_id($GLOBALS['plogger_id']);
    $picture_name = get_caption_filename($row);
    //new line with new variable $filename
    $filename = basename($row["path"]);
    $row = get_album_by_id($row["parent_album"]);
    $album_name = SmartStripSlashes($row["name"]);

    $row = get_collection_by_id($row["parent_id"]);
    $collection_name = SmartStripSlashes($row["name"]);
    //change the end of line from $picture_name to $filename
    $breadcrumbs = $collection_name . ' » ' . $album_name . ' » ' . $filename;

    this change in large picture preview the title from picture-caption to picure-filename
    the new title is:
    galleryname » collectionname » albumname » picture-filename
    a nice day @all
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2008
    Hi PieperLy -

    The reason that the code was changed in the latest version to show the caption in the breadcrumbs, if it exists, was for SEO purposes per this thread.

    Many users have requested a more SEO-friendly gallery, and this change was made to begin taking Plogger in that direction.

    If you prefer to have the filename rather than the caption in the breadcrumbs, then the changes you've made to your gallery installation are fine.
    • CommentAuthorPieperLy
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2008
    the page title with caption are very long, so i like someone the filename instead caption. the caption shows as content on site.

    best wishes from germany