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    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2008 edited
    Just a clarification on Plogger versions to hopefully clear up confusion.

    Previous releases of Plogger have been (from newest on top to oldest on bottom):
    (1.0) beta 3.0
    (1.0) beta 2.1
    (1.0) beta 2
    (1.0) beta 1

    Plogger is still in the Beta phase and has not yet reached a full release (but we hope to soon). The "1.0" in the above versions was implied because an official "full release" is still pending. When the full release comes out it will be Plogger 1.0. The confusion (I believe) started with the security-fix, sub-release of beta 2.1. This version was released to fix a security vulnerability, but did not change much else to the code. Since then, the sub-release numbering of the beta release has been added (the x.0).

    So to clear things up, when people are referring to "beta 3.0", "3.0", or "3.0 beta" at this point are actually referring to 1.0b3 (version 1.0 beta release 3). ryanduff has put together a Version Numbering Standards page on the development wiki.

    Again, we are sorry for the confusion and will try to be more consistent with our terminology from this point on. Thanks.
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    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2008 edited
    a litte note: when you are still in the beta you should not call it "Version" / "Version 1.x"
    it is quite misleading: I was desperately searching for the stable "Version 1.0"