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    This is my first comment and first of all I would like to thank the development team of plogger for releasing and supporting this wonderful easy to use gallery.

    I was searching the forum but couldn't find any answer to the following problem. I use plogger to display photos from different events and I need to be able to customize each album or collection by assigning a different theme or at least a different header image to it.

    Assigning a different theme to each or some albums could be difficult to implement, but assigning a different header image for should be relatively simple. One way to do it would be to assign a different class to the body tag and then to customize CSS properties of for example div#header to display a different background image. This way it would be easy to customize backgrounds / header image / footer image (if any) for each category / collection / album if desired. However, the css class for the body tag should be assigned through the admin panel.

    If anybody can advise if there is an answer to it or I should post it in the "request a new feature instead" I would really appreciate.
    <code><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo THEME_URL ?>walkthrough-<?php echo plogger_get_album_id(); ?>.css" /></code>

    Thats what I done, what happens is... will create a CSS file called WALKTHROUGH-1 or WALKTHROUGH-2

    where 1, 2, 3 is the ID of the Album in question.

    So, in this way... Each album will open the specific CSS, with ANYTHING you want. You can have brand new fully different galleries program like this.

    Where to place the tag?

    In your head.php file, good luck.
    So far I did not manage to get this to cross over to the picture.php, somewhat the Album ID gets lost, and it returns a CSS file called:

    "walkthrough-.css" with no ID. If I find a way, ill post here for you guys.