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    Hello, I currently run a site that I'd like to put a Plogger gallery on. I only get one MySQL database with my hosting, and I've let my friend use it for his Plogger. When I try to create one of my own, it overwrites the tables for his. I was just wondering if there was some way that I could change the table names that the Plogger script creates/reads from. Thanks.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2005 edited
    Well not sure of the long term effects but changing the following will allow two ploggers in the same dbase just with different prefix names. In the:


    is the line:

    $TABLE_PREFIX = "plogger_";

    which I changed to:

    $TABLE_PREFIX = "myplogger_";

    that seems to work. Not really sure if thats going to be stable or not but it again seemed to work in my 10 min of testing, Mike is probably much more qualified to give a better answer.
    I'm thinking about using it for multiple installs, so it would be nice if plogger could create unique tables automatically, like WordPress does (must edit the config file, same place where database infd is added).

    In the install screen, Plogger could ask for a table prefix, and offer a default selection that's then over-written by the user if they need to. Also, the install script should check for existing tables.
    Good G-d -- why is the global "TABLE_PREFIX" defined at least three times? as the same thing?

    and why are there TWO files with the name "plog-globals.php" ?? this is confusing.

    lemme guess -- new release is coming soon, right? with these issue worked out, right?
    Lest the above message be seen as a vehement critique, let me say that it is NOT a vehement critique. It was more an expression of confusion as I was trying to wade through the code. I'm enjoying (if that's the right word) Plogger, and look forward to a long, er, relationship....
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2005
    Thanks for the feedback, TABLE_PREFIX is now defined only once - in plog-load-config.php. The new code is in SVN
    I am definitely not anti-anti (boy, you've never heard THAT one, before, right?).

    Will download code tonight, great!