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    • CommentAuthorjs123
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2009
    I have a problem i can't center the gallery php code

    this is a code php plogger


    print '
    <div class="wtabeli"><div id="thumbnail_container">';
    if (plogger_has_collections())
    print '<ul class="slides">';
    $row = plogger_load_collection();
    $desc = plogger_get_collection_description();

    print '<li class="thumbnail"><div class="tag"><a href="' . plogger_get_collection_url() . '">';

    // generate XHTML with thumbnail and link to picture view.
    print '<img class="photos" src="'.plogger_get_collection_thumb().'" title="'.$desc.'" alt="'.$desc.'" />';

    print '</a><br/>';

    print plogger_download_checkbox(plogger_get_collection_id());

    print plogger_get_collection_name().' <br />';
    print '<div class="meta-header">(';

    $num_albums = plogger_collection_album_count();
    print $num_albums . ' ';
    print ($num_albums == 1) ? "album" : "albums";

    print ')</div></div></li>';
    print '</ul>';
    } else {
    print "No collections yet";
    print '</div>';


    if i add <center>before and after php code It doesn't work
    please help