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    • CommentAuthorheeenke
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010 edited
    Anyone here who got alot of sparetime and want something todo? I love Plogger, its the best galleri around, been using it on my page quite some time now. But my host changed php to the latest, and as im using a older plogger with lightbox it doesnt work any good anymore. So now im thinking of changing to the latest plogger version, and ive also started to like shadowbox alot. But i dont know how to make plogger open pictures with shadowbox. Any friendly guy out there who wanna help me fix it ? Would be awesome.

    // Henrik
    • CommentAuthorheeenke
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2010
    really no one? :(
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2010 edited

    It shouldn't be that hard to do.
    1. Upload shadowbox to your theme folder.
    2. Add shadowbox javascript to head.php in your theme folder with correct paths (you can use <?php echo THEME_URL; ?> for the full base URL to your theme folder).
    3. Add rel="shadowbox" to the <a> tag in picture.php in your theme folder.

    I just don't have time to work on it right now.