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    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Androw: You edit both of those in the stylesheet (default/gallery.css). The white "frame" is the background color for both the thumbs and the large images.

    Look for #picture-holder a:hover img, .photos-large, .thumbnail img, and .thumbnail a:hover img in the stylesheet. Change background-color: to whatever you like. You can also change the borders around the images in those same sections.

    For the red text, look for .meta-header in the stylesheet and change color: #8b0000; to whatever you want it to be.

    Since you have customized the default theme, I would strongly suggest you copy those customized files into another folder on the server and name the new folder something different (i.e., samtrampcustom), then activate that theme on the Admin>Themes page. You'll need to edit the meta.php file in the new folder to change the theme name and details so that Plogger will recognize it as a different theme.

    By doing this, you won't lose your theme customizations when you upgrade Plogger, as the default theme will be overwritten during the upgrade.

    You still need to have a folder on the server named default, so don't remove that entirely. Plogger will look for that if it can't find the file it is looking for in the activated theme.