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    • CommentAuthorfropker
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2010

    can any one help me how to open pictures in new window when someone click on single picture view page.
    • CommentAuthorfropker
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited
    I done it in simple way. In picture.php file find the code and add target="_blank" after a accesskey="v". Thats it .

    <a accesskey="v" target="_blank" href="<?php echo plogger_get_source_picture_url(); ?>"><img class="photos-large" src="<?php echo plogger_get_picture_thumb(THUMB_LARGE); ?>" width="<?php echo $thumb_width; ?>" height="<?php echo $thumb_height; ?>" title="<?php echo plogger_get_picture_caption('clean'); ?>" alt="<?php echo plogger_get_picture_caption('clean'); ?>" /></a>