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    • CommentAuthorridgedale
    • CommentTimeMar 22nd 2010
    I am trying to get the large picture (i.e. when I click on the picture thumbnail) to popup in its own self-contained window. At present I have my Plogger gallery into the rest of the website contained in a
    . If I change the following line:

    <a accesskey="v" href="'.plogger_get_source_picture_url().'">'.$imgtag.'</a>
    in pictures.php and add target info such as:

    <a accesskey="v" href="'.plogger_get_source_picture_url().'" target="plogger">'.$imgtag.'</a>

    <a accesskey="v" href="'.plogger_get_source_picture_url().'" target="_blank">'.$imgtag.'</a>
    this will open the large picture in a new window but it remains contained in the original

    Is it possible to have the large picture pop up in its own window without any additional content or styling?
    Any assistance would be appreciated.