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    • CommentAuthorante1277
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2010

    I have recently installed my Plogger-album on my websersver and everything is working well, except one thing. I have disallowed the visitors from getting access to the original photos. Instead I want to use the intermediate thumbnails as the "real" photos, the biggest my visitors can see. But there is one problem. I have set the Intermediate Image Maximum Size to 560 px. When the photos I upload have a width or height which are over 560 px everything is working, but if the uploaded photos is smaller, then no intermediate pictures is being created (which i think is good for the quality). But when the original photos are disallowed I can't see the small photos (those who not gets any intermediate thumbnails) on the public gallery. When intermediate pictures is "on" and the full image is "off" every photos is being linked to plog-content/thumbs/photos/testing/large/13131689.jpg And because there are no large thumbnails for the photo an error message appears...

    Is there a way to edit the code so the gallery links the small photos directly to the original photo? Or is it easier to edit the code so it creates a intermediate thumbnail which are as big as the small photo is if it's not bigger than 560 px?