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    • CommentAuthorSnuurtje
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2010

    I have a plogger installation, i recently moved from another hoster. I copied over everything and moved the database. Now at the upload tab it says:

    Before you can begin uploading photos to your gallery, you must create at least one collection AND one album within that collection. Move over to the "Manage" tab to begin creating your organizational structure.

    While i do have a lot of collections and albums already. Under the manage tab i can see them, and the photo's within. However when i look at the albums it says 0 photo's. When i click on an album it does have photo's in it.

    How can i solve this?

    Thanks in advance.
    • CommentAuthorSnuurtje
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010

    noone ever encountered this?
    • CommentAuthoreident
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2010

    I've got the same problem. Did you figure out why Plogger upload and import tabs say there are no collections when there are collections?


    • CommentAuthorboblennon
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2010
    You mentioned that you copied your database from the old host. Since Plogger uses the auto-increment keys to index the db perhaps the auto-increment keys don't map to your new MySql database. You might want to check this out, and perhaps then consider exporting the old host database into an SQL dump file, droping your current db, and then reloading from scratch with the exported SQL dump file. If you are using a db manager like phpMyAdmin, you can set the export actions up so they are re-indexed properly.
    • CommentAuthorcleverkid
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    I just put in a support ticket for this. Anyone found a solution? Going to try boblennon's possible fix and will let you know if it works
    • CommentAuthorchewbears
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    your dump failed. If you create dummy collection and album it will work. And you will see all your albums and collections after you do so. If you DO NOT, you did a bad mysql dump and didn't bring over what you thought you did.
    • CommentAuthorjddesign
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2010
    I have this problem too as my client recently moved hosts. I have created a new collection and album as chewbears has suggested but it hasn't fixed the problem.

    I'm now looking into the auto-increment keys but not quite sure how to find the problem. The IDs for the new collection and album I made are in sync and the IDs in the pictures table seem to be in sync too.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Many thanks
    • CommentAuthorjddesign
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2010
    I just found out that the functions in plog_admin_functions.php weren't returning the number so I changed the code from

    $numresult = run_query($numquery);
    $num_albums = mysql_result($numresult, 'num_albums');
    return $num_albums;


    if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    $num_albums= $row["num_albums"]."\n";
    return $num_albums;

    and now it works. I can now see the upload and import tab contents and successfully upload/import photos. Not sure why this has happened, could it be that PHP was also updated?
    • CommentAuthorjddesign
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2010
    Functions affected were count_collections(), count_albums(), count_pictures()