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    • CommentAuthorjayreis
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2010 edited
    I am wondering how I can do a if statment in the plog-functons.php page

    What I am wanting to do is at the top of the file have
    $roleid = $_GET['r'];
    and then on line I need to do the below

    if($roleid =='14'){
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM `".PLOGGER_TABLE_PREFIX."collections`".$where."AND supervisors_only='y'".$order.$limit;
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM `".PLOGGER_TABLE_PREFIX."collections`".$where."AND supervisors_only='n'".$order.$limit;

    my issue is when I do the above I get a Undefined variable: roleid error
    so it seems like the $_GET['r']; is not working even though I have a value in the address bar?
    my addressbar looks like this