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    I have made some kind of error, changing the name and pw in my plogger control panel. I did enter an administrator name with a capital in the form, and for some reason it will not let me sign in. On the sign in, it does change the user name to a lower case, so not sure that is it. It might be that I did a typo. I have had the system email me, but not getting an email with name and pw.

    Is there a way to edit the recorded User Name and PW through ftp?

    Note, I know where the database user name and pw is, this is different, this is to get into the control panel. Thanks for not going to the database user name and pw, Unless for some reason this is the same as the Administrator name.

    Thanks for your help!
    To clarify, I changed the administrator name to "Admin" in the control panel. Guess that is a no-no. I can't sign in now under anything! Hope this clarifies my dilema.

    I can get in through ftp and edit editable information. I can even get in the server too, as we have our own server. I have file access, and can set the name and pw manually through the server. Could you direct me to the file that has the administrator name and pw stored?

    Thanks for that. Hope that helps. I will search around until I get a hint from someone in the Plogger community.

    Thanks! I hate to start over! I have quite a few files installed already.
    Last note, I do <strong>not</strong> have Plogger set up to accept outside submissions, otherwise I might try to sign up as a new user, and enter the traditional "administrator" name again. I can't seem to sign up anywhere, might not be set to do so. I am locked out! Thanks again!
    After all that, I fixed it! My browser had that name memorized as a lower case, and without deleting all my passwords so it would not redirect to the lower case, I just moved to Explorer which I hardly use, and it did not have the lower case user name in memory. Whew! I am good! Keep that in mind on case directs.

    Issue Solved...