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    • CommentAuthorpennyblake
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2010 edited
    Im really sorry if I have put this in the wrong section.

    While I consider myself Intermediate at web pages, anything beyond basic HTML is a nightmare.

    My requirements were quite simple, some kind of php thingybob to show off my shirts, logos and banners that Im beginning to create for people that share my love of a football manager game.

    Did search in google, got results etc etc
    The first one I tried (Sorry cant remember which one it is) had a really complicated instruction manual and I got lost, so its the delete button for that. The next one I tried was Plogger.
    Very easy to install and even easier to use.

    On order to use Plogger you only need one basic requirement. Thats the ability to read plain English.

    Now, some people may be thinking that Im a freeloader just because Im not paying for a piece of software, that I have made obvious that I like, but this is the beauty of it. You dont *HAVE* to pay. I have three choices:-

    a) Pay for a piece of commercial software and hope and pray that it does the job that I paid my hard earned (And in this current climate every penny is hard earned) money to do.

    b) Use the Open Source projects as a kind of Try before You Buy basis

    c) Use the open source projects but dont bother paying.

    I would rather go for option b myself, so note to author, you can expect a (probably nor massive) donation after my next payday.

    Sorry if this sounds boring and samey, but I do have a theory that if you like something then tell others. Well I love this.