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    • CommentAuthorbksmith5
    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2010

    After finally upgrading from Beta3 to 1.0-RC1, I have "lost" one of my albums. The images folder for the album exists and the relevant MySQL entries are still present. (The album name is simply 'Wedding' and the images folder is currently named 'wedding1' after I tweaked the MySQL path for the images.)

    If I rename the image-containing folder, then the album will appear in the list of Plogger albums but I cannot access it since the images folder doesn't exist any longer. If I rename the folder back to 'wedding1' then the album will disappear from the anonymous users' view.

    Loooking at the list of albums through /plog-admin/plog-manage.php I can see the albums under the "root" album (I've got "year" albums and then various named-albums under the "Year" album -- in this case it's in the "2007" -> "Wedding" album) and the number of images (323) shows up correctly.

    I checked permissions on the /images/2007/wedding1 folder and on the individual files in the folder. I can't get it to work.

    Can anyone please explain why the upgrade broke this single album out of my set of albums?

    • CommentAuthorbksmith5
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2010
    Figured this one out on my own. I needed to adjust the "max_execution_time" value from 30 (default) to something larger (I chose 300). I would like to note that this did not happen with the previous build and would suggest either A) clear documentation on the issue and how to work around it or B) figure out why this didn't happen with Beta3 and modify the 1.0 release code to account for the timeout in a more informative manner than just a blank screen.