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    • CommentAuthorGew
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2010 edited

    When I'm logged on as admin and press 'Manage', then I see my Collection (only one), with its dynamic content (Galleries). I press one (out of ~five) galleries. Fine. But when I press another page number (or next) I get 404, and URL in address bar is:


    I.e. it seems to be missing a dash ('/') in between 'php' and 'plog-admin'. Weird. Is it 'user fault' or some bug?

    Ty in adv for great software~
    • CommentAuthorchewbears
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2010
    what verison are you using? Can you manually enter the address


    any other errors? Do you have proper permissions?
    • CommentAuthorGew
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2010
    Yeah, I have proper permissions. And if I manually enter the additional '/' (slash), it works like it should.
    • CommentAuthorterry
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2010
    i can not go from my website to my photo gallery can anyone help me
    • CommentAuthorjoemolloy
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010
    could you give some more detail about the problem?
    Have you been able to go from the website to the photo gallery before?
    Are you needing html code to set up the link from your website?
    • CommentAuthorGew
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2010
    This bug truly exists in latest version :\ Login in through admin, go to [Manage albums] and try clicking another page than the first one in an album i.e. it needs to be containing some images worth of scrolling. Prolly a small bug anyways, somewhere along the code a dash has been truncated, no real biggie. I'm glad I noticed.