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    Ok, heres the deal.

    I've successfully intergrated plogger into wordpress, <b>not using Version 1.0 RC1</b> but the older version. The gallery works fine but the problem i've got is in the /admin area. In order to get the galler working I had to deleted the following part from plogger-globals.php

    // If the mo file does not exist or is not readable, or if the locale is
    // en_US, do not load the mo.
    if ( is_readable($mofile) && ($locale != 'en_US') ) {
    $input = new FileReader($mofile);
    } else {
    $input = false;

    $l10n = new gettext_reader($input);

    // Return a translated string.
    function plog_tr($text) {
    global $l10n;
    return $l10n->translate($text);

    Otherwise the gallery would just bug out. With this deleted the /admin area returns Fatal error: Call to undefined function plog_tr() in ...... Thats pretty logic because ive deleted the function. So how do I solve this? One way would be to manually delete plog_tr from every file, but i've doubt that is the best soulotion. Any tips on how i can remove the plog_tr function so the admin area works?