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    • CommentAuthorrjupiter
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2006
    Hi -

    I am trying to rebuild my site after it got hacked and in doing so decided to reorganize a bit.

    But as I was doing this I noticed something. I am trying to order my stuff in a ceratin way and I thought plogger could do it but I don't know.


    Under the "manage" tab andin "collections" I have one "photography" now in photography I have the album "babies series" now I want to be able to put another album or step down in the babies series album so it would go like this -

    Photography>Babies Series>Tribal (images go in tribal)

    but when I click on the ablum "babies" all it does is tell me the table is empty. Is there something I can do to get more albums inside albums (if this makes any sense?)