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    I've installed plogger today but hit a slight snag. Is there a way to have an extra album tree?

    Currently it goes

    Collection : Album : Images

    I would like to have

    Collection : Album : Album : Images

    • CommentAuthortauriki
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2010
    I like very much your work - it's simple, fast and easy to use !
    But here's a similar wish to add subcategories to main categories.
    For example: Year 2010 -> January -> Album1, album2, album3,...etc.
    Maybe it's possible to add a variable into options, where user can assign, how many sublevels he need or,
    put the choice into album creating page, where user can assign what he want to add - album or subcategory.

    When you resolve this wish, I'm ready to donate your project :)

    With best regards and Happy New Year,