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    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2010 edited
    I'm working on integrating phpFlickr upload into my gallery and would like to know if it is possible to add an extra function to the upload button and an extra "Upload to Flickr" button to the "Edit image properties" page without having to mess with the original Plogger source code?

    My goal is to change te return after uploading from:

    "Your image IMAGE.JPG was uploaded successfully."


    "Your image IMAGE.JPG was uploaded successfully, click here if you would like to upload it to your Flickr account as well."

    and, in case a picture isn't yet uploaded to Flickr, add an extra "Upload to Flickr" button to the "Edit image properties" page.

    This function will basically do the following:

    ? Authenticate @ my Flickr account
    ? Upload the photo to my Flickr account in a set with the same name as the Collection (unfortunatelly Flickr doesn't allow sets within sets)
    ? return the Flickr picture ID
    ? Add the Flickr picture ID to a Seperate Database table (so I don't have to mess with the plogger original tables) together with the corresponding plogger picture ID so I can Call the Flickr ID in my theme when the picture is displayed

    Once I get this to work I would like to add a "Delete from Flickr" function as well, but let's start with trying to get uploading to work.