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    • CommentAuthorTidosho
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2011 edited
    My praise for Plogger
    Plogger is AWESOME, and I'll say it again, AWESOME!! I've tried all the big name gallery software titles, like Gallery, and Coppermne. Coppermine is just confusing and intimidating (and I'm an advanced webserver admin & programmer!!). Gallery was nice and cute, but didn't do simple things like show full size images withut code changes!

    Plogger is everything they weren't, and more. Cute, quick, flexible, easy to understand, and does the job first time. It also has a great Wordpress-y feeling about it, I use Wordpress a ton, so felt right at home! I love the new plugins feature, and when that gets going, Plogger will be awesome.

      Feature suggestions

    Folder FTP suggestion
    When adding albums using the folder feature when you upload folders of images, I love how it creates albums based on the folder name. BUT, it only does it for ONE folder at a time. If you try to do ALL folders at once, the Album name is blank. It would be nice if you could automatically create new albums with the name of each folder, for all folders at once.

      Auto file title feature

    When adding pictures, you have to fill in titles manually. My pictures use numbers, like 001, 002 etc, but it doesn't really matter, it would be nice to have the Title filled in automatically based on file name if you wish, whatever name it uses. I already sort titles of files before uploading them.

    These two features would make my mass uploading life so much easier. They can be built in, or as plugins, maybe? A donation is soon coming your way, Plogger guys, bet your life on it! Thankyou sooo much for this briliant software!!
    • CommentAuthorchewbears
    • CommentTimeJun 2nd 2011

    In the past there was a lot of discussion about the incorporation of things like, audio and video, and I do believe someone even had GIFs working. I feel plogger is going to very much rely on its user base to further develop the software. So have a go!