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    • CommentAuthorpawan269
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2011
    I have installed plogger at my dev server and testing it for usability. My boss wants it to display single latest photograph at home page (along with exif, comments etc) and collections below it.

    Please let me know how to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance ...

    You should hire web developer for that. You can visit various forums in order to a good website developer. Use google to find them.


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    • CommentAuthorjoemolloy
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2011
    There are some plugins available in the Administration screen tabs. Not exactly what you are describing, but maybe you could adapt the code from them to achieve what you want.

    • CommentAuthormadhippo
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2011
    I've got something similar on my home system - If I remember, I'll upload a code snippet tonight.
    • CommentAuthorchewbears
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2011
    Just make a SQL select on your page which grabs the photo with the most recent date, as the date uploaded to your gallery is stored, just use that field sort the photos based on it, build the array, and return only 1 result, that result will be the most recent. Then copy the picture.php fields of the exif info you want and past that on your homepage too.