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    • CommentAuthormbk
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    SO I've installed plogger, and it works fine, but when I ftp a large number of images, nothing happens... if I look at the pictures table in phpmyadmin, I see some of the images are processed, but it stops before finishing... what can I look at to fix that... can I up a memory limit somewhere?

    In general, will plogger handel collections of thousands of images as a single upload?

    • CommentAuthormadhippo
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2011
    The problem isn't Plogger as such, it's the PHP maximum script execution timeout setting, so while Plogger will just work through the import, PHP will eventually timeout causing the import to fail at that point.

    The timeout is designed to kill a single PHP process after a set amount of time (30 seconds by default, I think) to counter the problem of a faulty script that has gone into an infinite loop. You can increase the timeout setting in the php.ini file (or equivalent) but this can lead to further problems if you really do encounter a loop type bug.

    The easier way to avoid the problem is to upload in smaller batches.
    The same happened in my case.when i try to upload a bunch of images it not come up to.some error occurs in between that.reciclar cables