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    • CommentAuthorgwp
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2011
    Hello All, new to plaogger so please forgive me if this seems obvious....

    I have various zip files with images in and i have gone through the process of uploading them several times (all different zips)
    This is the process i use.
    admin/upload tab
    browse to intended zip file.
    then select "Create a new album" and give it a name (Eg summer flowers)
    choose collection of "Flowers"
    The zip uploads and then it starts to convert images.
    and takes me to the "Import" tab
    Then it says 100% done.
    I then scroll right down to the bottom and then have to choose again the name of the album (Spring Flowers) and the collection to put them in?
    I then select "Import"

    1. why do i have to name and choose the album twice
    2, is it supposed to use the name of the album i choose the first time (summer flomers) or the one i had to make on the import page (Spring Flowers)
    3. or am i doing something wrong ? :)