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    • CommentAuthorujjain
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2011
    I am replacing ImageFolio as my current Image Gallery script for, although I have some issues for the migration. I don't know how to do the following though.

    - Not that important, but would be lovely
    Keep the current folder structure. I use /images/subdirectory/picture.jpg. One of my sites receives 1000 visitors daily via Google Images, I like getting my visitors that way.

    - Pretty important, I have 5 gallery sites
    Mass-import multiple directories, thus albums. I have about 150 albums, a total of 800MB worth of pictures in my gallery. Adding album one-by-one is like painting the Forth Bridge.

    I do not even mind clicking 150 times, but it requires a 2 min wait for creating the thumbnails and thus being a seriously long process.
    It shows some errors?venta por internet