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    • CommentAuthordemolishman
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2011 edited

    I have 27 albums.

    all I need is a code to hide one single album (with id 21) from the start page. I want to be able to view one of the images from that album by acessing its address directly, I dont want to show the album at all at the home page. :)

    Since nobody is helping I am trying to program it myself... I need help lol
    • CommentAuthordemolishman
    • CommentTimeJun 26th 2011 edited
    Ok Peeps!

    Nobody helped me, so I done it purely with CSS! I am a Master of CSS so I put my mind to work here is the trick:

    As you know, Plogger has a loop to create a thumb for each Album you have, this is from the Template collection.php.

    I set my Album name to be a CSS ID, and the Description to be my Album Name. So, in the Plogger Manage field, I set it to be like this:

    Album 1:

    Name: send-feedback
    Description: Send Feedback

    Then I created a CSS ID on my CSS file as:

    I set this to hidden, absolute.

    Then inside my collections.php I set the <php tag to be used inside a <div tag as:

    <div id="<?php echo plogger_get_album_name(); ?>"> here is my album blah </div>

    Thats it... Now you will have the name field of your Albums used as a Div Tag, so each album can now have its own Div.... I for example, only wanted to hide one of the specific divs. But knowing how CSS can be powerful, you can do so much with this idea. Good Luck!

    Gotta Love Plogger to do this :D

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