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    • CommentAuthordjkunect
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2011
    I dont know much about CSS but I believe there should be a way to make the random images display horizontally unlike the default vertical display. With the caption beneath each image. It urgent. Thanks
    • CommentAuthorjeanny
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2011
    i have the same problem... somebody please can help.
    • CommentAuthordmwj80
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2011
    it does need some server side scripting or javascript to show images randomly.
    • CommentAuthordev0005
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2012
    To show the randome pic horizontaly remove <br/> tag from the line #65 in random-images.php page:-
    original line #65 is:
    <a href="<?php echo generate_url('picture', $id); ?>" title="<?php echo addcslashes($cap_or_name, '"') ?>"><img class="random-images-thumbnail" src="<?php echo generate_thumb($path, $id); ?>" alt="<?php echo $name ?>" /></a><br/>
    find this line and remove <br/> from the end of line :