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    • CommentAuthortwariq
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2011 edited
    Hello Plogger support team,

    First of all i want to thanks for the plogger developers who created such helpful tool for image gallery.

    Well i have installed plogger latest version plogger-1.0RC1. But the url is not showing correctly,

    it was showing like:

    Then i got one solution from Plogger Forum Toipc:

    By using this script i got "/" after my domain name, and now the link looks like this:

    But the actual problem is i have installed plogged in sub directory ""
    and in the above links the directory name is missing, i checked in plogged admin for gallery URL and its mentioned correctly as even after all this i am not able to fix this problem so please please please............... help me out how to fix this issue and to get the correct URL as :