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    • CommentAuthorshutterbug
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2006 edited
    Is there a way to fix this? This seems to be a very user friendly gallery setup, but just a few glitches that make it a problem. If I watermark my images, the visitor can still click on the large image and get the unwatermarked image.
    This poses a big problem for those of us trying to protect our images. It also looks poorly to show a watermark image and you can click on it again and get an unprotected image. Kinda defeats the purpose. Any help fro kcoders out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2006
    It's just a matter of removing the link in the code.

    Line 226 of gallery.php

    $output .= '
    <div id="picture-holder">
    <a href="'.$config["baseurl"] . $row["path"].'">'.$imgtag.'</a>

    See the anchor tag? We can remove this and it will return an unlinked image.

    $output .= '<div id="picture-holder">'.$imgtag.'</div>';

    Now, the original images still exist on your server, so anyone with enough intelligence would be able to figure out the path to your image based on its position within the gallery.

    To ensure that your original images are 100% protected you will need to use .htaccess to block users from accessing your images folder. Google has some info about that.

    To be honest, if you are really scared about your images getting stolen, maybe the internet is not the best place to put them. Even watermarking is easily removed by someone with modest Photoshop skills.

    Either way, good luck and thanks for using Plogger.