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    I found another important problem, google is spidering pages from my plogger site that i diddent even know existed, thats not good for rankings.

    Here some pages which should be removed from site or blocked so it can not be spidered, but I would recomend that those other versions of some pages are removed.

    ex. problem is everything after album

    I think there is more duplicated versions of pages

    How can I remove the function print
    in header.php
    I have done this
    <td class="align-right"><?php echo plogger_download_selected_button(); ?> <!--<?php echo plogger_print_button(); ?> --></td> then there will be no print botton.

    sort by function im not sure where to block that.

    Now all this is just done if you are also interested in rankings on SE, if you want to give your users a good time dont do it, these days you dont make sites for users anymore google rules it all.