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    • CommentAuthorkhaliv
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2011
    Steps to translate Plogger to your language

    Download and install the latest Plogger from SVN ZIP
    Download the latest .pot file
    Install and run Poedit (both for Windows, Mac OS X, Unix)
    Create new translation (File > New catalog from POT file), locate the .pot file and translate every line in the interface
    Save the translated .po, which per default also auto-generates a binary .mo file in the same folder, using IETF language naming convention, usually the two first letters of your language
    Copy the .mo file to your plog-translations directory in the plogger folder
    In plog-config.php enter the line define("PLOGGER_LOCALE","da"); (replace da with your filename language information, da=danish)
    If you need advanced help or information, follow the guidelines described in the WordPress translation documentation
    Browse your gallery and admin, everything should now be in your language
    Release the translation, one of these ways or both:
    Email the .po and .mo file to the [plog-translators@? mailing list], so a translator admin may commit the translation to the repository
    Post links in the plogger forum to your language updates, remember to post links to both the .po and .mo file so both can be added to the translations repository by a developer

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