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    • CommentAuthorplogfan
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2011 edited
    MySQL client version: 5.0.51a
    PHP Version 5.2.17

    1. Downloaded the latest install (Version 1.0 RC1, 700 kbs)
    2. Changed folder name to photo_gallery and uploaded to server.
    3. Created new database
    4. CHMOD the content directory to 777
    5. Ran installer
    6. MYSQL errors having to do with timestamp and TYPEISAM

    To make a long story short ------ I'll leave out the 2 days of trial and error, several rain dances, and tell you what worked for me.

    Searched forums ---
    and applied the following fixes ------

    a. So you should go to plog-admin\includes\install-functions.php and replace all occurences of "Type=MyISAM" with "Engine=MyISAM" (there should be like 8 of those)

    Then the timestamp needs to be changed

    b. install-functions.php (rows 376, 377) file and change:

    `date_modified` timestamp(14) NOT NULL,
    `date_submitted` timestamp(14) NOT NULL,
    `date_submitted` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',

    c. Delete Database. Recreate fresh Database. Reinstall fresh plogger files to server.

    The first few times -- this didn't work ---- I still got TIMESTAMP errors and was unable to login to admin.
    Error: PLOGGER_PICTURES TABLE DOES NOT exist messages.

    On checking the database -- there was no plogger_pictures table created. Aha! That explains it.

    I checked install_functions.php
    and made sure the TIMESTAMP syntax was correct in the:


    Note: Through the whole process, I was in constant contact with my hosting tech support. It helps to let them know what you are doing.
    For me, a few things were buggy as far as the control panel, session set up and certain database tools. Things that should have worked on the plogger install the first time, didn't). Although they don't provide support for "third party tools" they don't offer, they did fix bugs in the server environment ---- which made all the difference (although they won't admit it).



    FINALLY! Voila -- Seamless installation.

    Voila! OR SO I THOUGHT until I began to upload photos and manage the gallery. I kept getting thrown out into the login screen.
    I discovered that this can be due

    a: to your browser settings (cookies -- do you accept them or not. If not make an exception for your domain.
    b. Whether you have your history settings on or off
    c: session variables not being saved. Depends on your server / hosting environment.

    To fix this see

    What worked for me:

    In plog-config file look for:
    define('PLOGGER_SESSION_SAVE_PATH', '');

    if not there, you can copy it from the plog-config-sample.php file. Set it like so:
    define('PLOGGER_SESSION_SAVE_PATH', '/session/path/given/by/your/webhost/');

    I hope consolidating these issues into one file will help save someone time.

    P.S - I hope updates to Plogger continue. This is one of the nicest, easy to use open source photo gallery out there!