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    • CommentAuthorphual
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2014
    I've just finished updating my installation of my site and its use of Plogger. I had to resolve some conflicts between software using the same variable names (specifically 'id') and though that I'd share what I changed to resolve this (by renaming the variable that Plogger uses from 'id' to 'plogid'). The changes below relate to RC1

    -search and replace '&id=' with '&plogid=' (4 changes)

    - plogger.php
    - Line 25 - replace ['id'] with ['plogid']
    - Line 26 - replace ['id'] with ['plogid']
    - Line 50 - replace second element of array ('id') with 'plogid'
    - Line 78 - replace '$_GET['id']' with '$_GET['plogid']' (x 2)

    Thankful People: xiphias, joemolloy