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    • CommentAuthoredwink
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2018
    I've got a fork-ed version of Plogger, but everytime I want to update the options, I get the error:

    <code>Unknown column 'cdn_url' in 'field list'

    UPDATE `plogger_config` SET `truncate`= '0', `feed_title`= 'Plogger Photo Feed', `feed_language`= 'en-us', `feed_num_entries`= '15', `allow_dl`= '0', `allow_comments`= '1', `allow_print`= '1', `default_sortby`= 'date', `default_sortdir`= 'ASC', `album_sortby`= 'id', `album_sortdir`= 'ASC', `collection_sortby`= 'id', `collection_sortdir`= 'ASC', `thumb_num`= '20', `compression`= '75', `admin_username`= 'Edwin', `admin_email`= '', `date_format`= 'n.j.Y', `use_mod_rewrite`= '0', `square_thumbs`= '1', `comments_notify`= '1', `comments_moderate`= '0', `gallery_url`= '', `gallery_name`= 'Plogger', `cdn_url`= 'http:///', `thumb_nav_range`= '0', `enable_thumb_nav`= '0', `allow_fullpic`= '1'

    In file: /plog-admin/plog-options.php

    On line: 81</code>

    I thought of adding this column my self with 'add colum' to the table, but somehow this doesn't work. Any one got a clue?
    • CommentAuthoredwink
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2018
    Fixed it by adding the column my self. Just had to use the right SQL commands :)
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2018
    Yes, that is not a plogger default functionality but I've added that myself so the images are loaden via a CDN which is basically the same site but a different subdomain. Google seems te like to load static files via cdn. and not www. ;-)