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    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2022
    Since PHP8 is rolling out I thought I would test if plogger would run on PHP8. There are some minor issues so I started a new project for it.

    Not very actively developing. I'm using plogger for a few of my website and since I like running the latest version I updated my own plogger sites and created this GitHub project so others can also use this when their PHP version gets updated.

    Use at own risk!

    Thankful People: joemolloy
    • CommentAuthorjoemolloy
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2022
    This announcement came out just as I had uploaded the PHP7 files by my webhost.

    I thought maybe take one step at a time. So that went fairly well.

    I can change theme and opted for the one that looks similar to my website. I uploaded a group of images and they are there.

    BUT I cannot view them. When I look at the Plogger view, I see all the placeholders, for images and navigation, labels are visible but the icons for navigation and the images do not show. [see]

    So now I have had added the PHP8 files in a new database and the web host has upgraded my access to PHP8. Sadly, I am getting no luck with PHP8.

    Is there an obvious step I have overlooked i in the PHP7 install?
    • CommentAuthorjoemolloy
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2022
    xiphias have you any pointers please?
    • CommentAuthorjoemolloy
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2022
    I'm still working on getting to display my images in the PHP version of Plogger. I came across on older post.
    General Support: PHP GD extension is not installed, it is required to upload images.
    plog-includes/lib/phpthumb/phpthumb.functions.php line 362
    if (ereg_match('bundled \((.+)\)$', $gd_info['GD Version'], $matches)) {

    if (preg_match('/bundled \((.+)\)$/', $gd_info['GD Version'], $matches)) {

    Just found in my file phpthumb_functions (which is the last rendition installed) at lines 525 to 536 this code.

    public static function gd_version($fullstring=false) {
    static $cache_gd_version = array();
    if (empty($cache_gd_version)) {
    $gd_info = gd_info();
    if (preg_match('#bundled \((.+)\)$#i', $gd_info['GD Version'], $matches)) {
    $cache_gd_version[1] = $gd_info['GD Version']; // e.g. "bundled (2.0.15 compatible)"
    $cache_gd_version[0] = (float) $matches[1]; // e.g. "2.0" (not "bundled (2.0.15 compatible)")
    } else {
    $cache_gd_version[1] = $gd_info['GD Version']; // e.g. "1.6.2 or higher"
    $cache_gd_version[0] = (float) substr($gd_info['GD Version'], 0, 3); // e.g. "1.6" (not "1.6.2 or higher")

    So wondering if this is where my failed image display is occurring?

    Should I dabble in this area?