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    • CommentAuthorProvy
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2006
    I am using Plogger inside Iframe but I have problem with horizontal scroller. (third circle on the right - fotografija)

    On first page everything is as it should be, also the link to plogger page uses my page's css style. But when you click on first thumbnail you'll see my problem. Lines, thumbnails, everything is within 520px width but there is still some empty space on the right. Can anyone explain this?
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2006
    I don't know why it is doing that, but can't you just turn off scrollbars in your HTML tag for the IFRAME? <iframe scrolling="no" ... >
    • CommentAuthorProvy
    • CommentTimeFeb 19th 2006
    Scrollbars are turned off. I noticed this only occurs in Firefox, in IE works fine.