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    I run a t-shirt store and wan't to use plogger as a gallery of client submited pictures, wearing our t-shirts, of course :)

    The thing is that i can't put the plogger "integration" code on my "template" page because i get a lot of error messages.

    (i'm talking about this code)
    First line of HTML file -> <?php require("gallery.php"); ?>
    In HEAD section of HTML -> <?php the_gallery_head(); ?>
    Somewhere in BODY section -> <?php the_gallery(); ?>

    The solution i found was to run plogger inside an IFRAME, but... How can i link directly to an album, inside the IFRAME?!?!?

    I know this isn't a plogger support question, but i'm asking it anyway hopping to find a solution to get rid of the iframe (meaning integrating plogger properly)

    Tkx in advance! --> This is the page containing plogger inside the IFRAME

    (the site is in Portuguese, btw ...)

    Let me put it in another way...

    is there a way to integrate plogger without inserting the 2 lines in the header?

    The page where i want to run plogger doesn't have a <Head> section. Both Header & Footer are called by "include" statements...


    (sorry if i'm not making myself clear...)
    • CommentAuthorbzboarder
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2005
    Is the reason you get the error messages because youre not putting the page you want in your plogger folder? I got it to work for me. ...I took the liberty to insert some code into your page and uploaded it into my server. it works (except for the photos because I did not copy them) without the use of an IFRAME. you can view the webpage here: -- only that page will work and the collection will be mine... but its more to show you. like i said earlier, you should make sure that the page you link to is inside the plogger folder to avoid errors. hope this is what your looking for.

    Can't wair to try that myseft!

    Tkx. I'll get back to you to tell how it went!