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    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2008 edited
    Recently, we opened up bug / ticket reporting to everyone again. If you find a bug in Plogger and it seems to be with the Plogger software and not some weird site configuration we request that you submit a ticket. These items should be kept out of the forums so that they can accurately be tracked and fixed. If you can reproduce the error multiple times, it should be considered a bug. When reporting a bug, please follow this procedure:

    1. Check to see if any open tickets match your error/problem
    2. If something does match, you can read the bug report to see current status as well as add any notes from your own case
    3. If nothing matches, you can submit a new ticket You will need to login using your username / password from the forum (they are linked together).
    4. Please note as much detailed information as possible. Also, check back to your ticket in case a developer needs more information or has questions regarding your ticket.
    5. If using Beta 3, please note 1.0b3 in the version drop down
    6. If you have something to contribute to a bug or ticket, create a patch file and attach it to the ticket for testing. One or more of the developers will test the patch and if everything looks fine, they will commit it to the SVN core.
    (note: if you are interested in the Plogger ticket workflow, you can view it here)
    Thankful People: Georgeste