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    • CommentAuthorcardoso
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2005
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of a good chat script that's simple in feature and installation but fairly slick and robust? Something as easy to integrate as plogger? I need a chat script to embed in a site I'm building for a small town in Europe (a place to meet old friend and remanice). I wanted something that wouldn't cause me loads of work to install. MySQL and PHP prefered.

    Thanks to everyone.
    • CommentAuthorddejong
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2005
    In future, please check for this kind of thing. They have more than enough scripts for anything you'll ever need, and public and member voting systems for which ones people think are good.

    Here's a suggestion, though there are innumerous chat scripts on Hotscripts: