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    • CommentAuthorpetres
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2005

    I've installed plogger successfully and it seems working fine exept when I try to upload a picture, or view a gallery, when the phpThumb library is called, I always got the following error:

    Failed: $AvailableImageOutputFormats = array(text;wbmp;gif;png;jpeg) in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 519
    $this->thumbnailFormat set to $this->config_output_format "jpeg" in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 529
    $this->thumbnailFormat staying as "jpeg" because "" ($this->f) is not in $AvailableImageOutputFormats in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 539
    $this->thumbnailQuality set to "75" in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 546
    $this->config_cache_directory () is not a directory in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 587
    SetCacheFilename() failed because $this->config_cache_directory is empty in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 1815
    GetImageSize("") failed in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 1800
    starting SourceImageToGD() in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 1886
    Not using EXIF thumbnail data because $this->config_use_exif_thumbnail_for_speed is FALSE in file "phpthumb.class.php" on line 1889
    phpThumb() v1.6.0-200507180958

    "/ahome/petres/public_html/plogger/images/jap__n_-_______/yokohama_-_______/uenozoo001.jpg" does not exist

    The file actually exist, and everybody can read it. I've tested!

    I've tried to figure out what can be the problem, but know idea. I have a plogger on another site to, it works there fine, but there it is under the main www directory, not in a user's one.


    • CommentAuthorddejong
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2005 edited
    There is an easy solution available, I believe. Search for "$AvailableOutputImageFormats" or such.

    • CommentAuthorpetres
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2005
    Thanks. It did the trick :-)

    Now, it works fine.