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    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2008 edited
    I did this to mine to make it easier.
    Here is how I did it incase any one else is interested.

    This will add the Invert Checkbox Selection link above the Import Photos list.


    if (count($files) > 0)
    $output .= '<p class="actions">' . sprintf(plog_tr
    ('You are currently looking at <strong>%d</strong> image(s) within the <strong>%s</strong>
    directory.<br/>Creating thumbnails: %s done.'),count
    ($files),$show_directory,'<span id="progress">0%</span>') . '</p>';

    After add:

    if (count($files) != 0)
    $output .= '</table><a href="#" onclick="checkAll
    return false; ">' . plog_tr('Invert Checkbox Selection') . '</a>';