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    Hey:- first the main prob is :-
    -the GD library didn`t work on ur Php Interpreter.
    (may be u think the GD library dose n`t present with ur Php Interpreter )

    why u need GD ? for creation the pics thump. in ur gallery..

    thats important reason..

    the GD file is dll file present in Extesnsion folder of your PHP folder..

    may be that folder named "ext" in Packages Server like Wamp5.

    ok ...u`ll find many *.dll files u may not use..

    How to Activate the GD Library? ( or any Library u want to use:- like php_zip.dll
    or php_pdf.dll)

    1-ok u go to yor PHP config. file:- php.ini
    2-u`ll find all the library this :-
    ok thats mean that library not active "or in comment line"
    3-ok de-comment it as we need " ;extension=php_gd2.dll"
    by deleting the ( ; )
    like extension=php_gd2.dll

    4-restart your Apache......and chk your thumps in the gallery.
    oh almost forget:- u may need to activate the (php_zip.dll)
    as test the great option of this downloaded the chked pics
    Note :- i didn`t try it yet ;(