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    I have set up PLogger on

    It is almost how I want it except for the following which I can't work out how to change:

    a) I want to reduce the gap above the first line (border) to maybe one line (ie halved).

    b) If you click on Official Pictures, then click on Week 16, you will notice the lines across the bottom of the page are set to 100% but everything else on the page is set to 775px. How do I change the bottom lines to 775px?

    c) View As Slideshow is on two lines I would like this on one line.

    d) I basically would like the whole page to be 775px wide and look neat.

    e) How do I put the download as ZIP onto the page?

    f) How can I make the preview image for each album alternate?

    I would appreciate any feedback and help. Thank you in advance.
    • CommentAuthorMilorad
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2005
    you should download firefox as well, and check out the layout of your page using that. There seems to be an error with the tags in your blue menu someplace.

    Not visible in IE. I've found IE to be a bit more forgiving of these things.

    I am unclear as to which line you're referring to exactly, perhaps a screenshot would help with the explanation, however as for the width issue, consider enclosing the whole bang lot in a div that is 775px wide.

    100% of 775px is still only 775px.
    • CommentAuthorMilorad
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2005
    as for e) the download as zip thing appears once you enable the option in the plogger admin interface.

    F) would require hacking the code a bit, which is not something I'm really good enough with to help others handle... my php success relies largely on trial and error (mostly error).
    • CommentAuthorMilorad
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2005 edited
    I just thought of something actually... a random thumbnail for albums or collections might SOUND nice initially, but really having a fixed thumb allows your viewers to quickly identify the album of interest when they come back.

    Return customers are the best kind.

    Conversely, leaving the default behaviour of "latest image added is thumb" provides a convenient "what's new" function.

    Randomising might be fun, but in reality is probably a usability issue.... just a thought!
    Do you happen to know the fix for firefox?

    The lines I am referring to are

    You will see that the top two lines - above and below the breadcrumbs are set to 775, but not that View As Slideshow Section and sort Ascending has appeared, it has forced everything to the left, and the bottom three lines are wider than 775px.

    Also you will notice View As Slideshow is on two lines and the whole bottom section takes up a lot of room for no reason.

    Im sick or firefox and IE issues.

    Thanks for any info you can give.

    I think you're right about the random thumbnail.

    What about using the pictures to put an alternating image on the homepage?

    I/e An image on the homepage will change after x seconds and draw another random image from the gallery?