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    • CommentAuthorsplaquet
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2005
    I installed Plogger on my server. After installtion seemed completed and I went to log in, it brought me to a screen that asked me to run _install.php again. Repeating the install process didn't seem to get me anywhere. I deleted the tables and files and tried again, still no luck.

    I then tried manually editing the plog-config.php file. My DB_HOST isn't 'localhost', it's ''. I manually entered in the DB_HOST and the DB_NAME (as it already had my USER/PASS) and everything works fine now.

    I read through a bunch of threads and sort of pulled it together. I'm not a PHP pro, but I think a small blurb in the readme.txt file mentioning this may save others some time.

    Thanks for an awesome product!

    • CommentAuthorPlebbi
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2005
    i had to erase my plog-config.php run _installer.php to get it to work somehow because plog-config existed it always said "Install PLOGGER!!" :s when i ran the install so you can try that.. then you may not be missing any elements of the program... and may run fine if you are on windows however i think its really hard or impossible to get this Plogger to run on it
    First i had same prob....
    then i get the answer here:-
    am didn`t delete the Plog-Config.php..i zip (or rename it ) it.......then the install file run normally..
    and the tables created in the data base......
    but the index.php didn`t i unzip the it`s normal place...with manual cofig. the the blogger work well.........

    • CommentAuthorddejong
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2005
    Well, I think the installation process has been changed for Beta 3, such that there may not be much point -- it is certainly well-documented in the forums.

    However, you might convince Mike to include a small blob if you typed something up. Then again, it's difficult to establish what to say: don't fill out plogger-config.php, do fill out plogger-config.php, but only if it's not working and you've already installed, etc.

    I expect, now that I should expect to wind up with an SVN account, that some very rad, CSS-styled documentation could still make its way into Beta 3; but still, the features usually come first, and I know these guys are already hard-pressed for time. I'm hoping to help with that.

    Does anybody feel they have a sufficient grasp of Plogger, php/mysql and English to begin work on a documentation project? And this isn't to disparage or replace the current readme.txt, but to provide something more robust as a reference. Just an idea.

    Dear :-Derek
    that great gallery is the great one...but the little with the installiation support will make the team produce the final version ;)

    and also..why the team didn`t make the demo gallery as theme gallery......

    about documentation , if u `ll start to write it...wish u take care about the people
    who like to test the Php-mysql applications on them pcs......... "GD library-and Zip Library" and that common prob ..
    also...many people have little idea about php and mysql...just wanna 2 see it work in them web to make it easy for them.................?

    any way:- about the install file...that file check for Plog-config.php..and if config file present thats mean the gallery install?
    i think the install file must form the config file......and tables of db as well......
    then i have 2 ask should i delete the Install file after Installation finish?
    and the people who test them on windows server-(pcs)
    like Wamp-Xamp-...................
    the defualt pass-word in PW... ok...2 test ur plogger i have to
    delete conditional stat. which check if the pw of the db filed or blank...
    at lines 54-55-56.....
    wish the Readme file include that either..
    (why i want to test it on my pc?) to test it...try 2 making themes may be to test the great features in ur gallery...............................etc.
    i didn`t test ur gallery completely ....i have exams and work in project.....
    thanx for that great product..

    • CommentAuthorddejong
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2005 edited
    I disagree that checking for a password is a bug. Any installation, even local ones, should have a password. And as for including parts on how to install GD or Zip; those are listed in the requirements for Plogger, I don't think they need to be elaborated upon. Anybody (I notice Windows users are the only ones that complain about this) can find a howto on installing PHP, mySQL and additional libraries. I don't think it benefits anybody to reinterate how to in the readme. Feel free to disagree -- it's Mike you have to convince, not me.

    As for a theme gallery, Plogger Beta 3 will have themes. Until then, it doesn't really help to have a "theme gallery", because everything needs to be customized. If you want to make themes, wait until Beta 3. It will be much easier, with dynamic theme support and no inline CSS (important).

    Test my gallery? Mine is on my own server, but I had DNS troubles yesterday and just repopulated the DNS with a new IP. So, it's unlikely that you visited my own gallery, but if you're talking about the demo gallery, it's just a sample install of Beta 2, and should have all of the expected/discussed Beta 2 bugs . As for it being "mine", I haven't yet been inducted into the dev team, and when I am, I will be contributing to Beta 3; none of the Beta 2 code is my own, that's all thanks to Mike, Anti and Ryan.

    Thanks for your kind words; I think Plogger is great, too!

    Dear :- Derek
    I agree with u ....the checking for password is not bug.....
    second:- i use Slack Ware Linux all the time.......but just want to make the gallery work in the hospital server............."windows"
    and about the prob. i talk about GD library...and Zip`s for windows users not me . :)
    am waiting for Plogger 3....