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    I've used a lot of cms's in an attempt to find the best one for photographers, and I think I've come across it this time. I just have a few suggestions for structure though...

    I believe that best practice for the storage of imaging would be to have them in the same folder structure as such:

    or even:

    The above structure would make it a lot easier to:

    1. migrate collections out of Plogger (although why would be beyond me)

    2. understand the structure of Plogger storage, especially for plugin/api development in the future

    3. make it easier for theme development, all the images are stored with the same file name and a '.' size at the end, or within specific folders under the same path

    4. make it one heck of a lot easier to introduce third party slideshows etc which require one folder location for thumbs and images

    The reason I personally think of this is because of the last point. I've read other posts here needing the same functionality for slideshows, and I would prefer not to re-write the code in mine to find a different file path for images and thumbs, and then even differing thumb names.

    I know that a re-structure has been made in a newer svn, but I really think that this needs to be introduced into the image storage for a much more logical and semantic storage system.

    Any thoughts anyone??
    After having a looksee into the code of svn r595, I saw that something similar to what I've outlined above. Still separated into images/ and thumbs/ it is much more ordered than in the release.

    The only thing I noticed was the id number prefix of all the thumbnails. For my needs, I've removed any reference to the $prefix variable in the generate_thumbnails function (starting line 580 in plog-functions.php) and any reference to that function throughout the installation (except the import- prefix for importing).

    I reckon further down the line I may find I've broken it, but for now, it works.

    With the way that Plogger now separates thumbnails (as of trunk 595) I can't see it being a problem. Any thoughts anyone?
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2009
    designermonkey: You might take a look at Trac ticket #191 (now closed) for a full understanding of how the current folder structure for images/thumbs works and why. That change was committed in rev595 (the version you are using now).

    The 1.0 beta3 release is almost 2 years old, and Plogger has undergone major changes since that was released. I think you (and others) will find the SVN version (to be released soon, with a few minor changes left to be committed) much better and easier to work with.