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    I created and regularly use Plogger in a website I built for posting pics of my new daughter for friends and family.

    I went in to the admin panel this aft to add a new album, and found that somehow, my site's images no longer display. I have made absolutley no changes to my server, nor does anyone but myself have admin access to it.

    I'm wondering if there is some dynamic code in the Plogger tool that references external code that may have changed recently? I can't get my head around this one. I changed nothing, yet now none of my thumbnails or fullsize images will display.

    Has anyone had this happen to them and if so, any tips? I don't want to got o another product, I really liike the interface and customization available with this tool.

    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2005 edited
    Hi raisltlingghost.

    Have the images been deleted from the server entirely or do they just not appear anymore? Could we get a link to your gallery? There is no externally referenced code in Plogger, so nothing like that has changed.

    There might be a chance that your site was hacked, given that a vulnerability was recently discovered in Plogger. Barring that, does anyone else have access to your site? Has your webhost recently upgraded software (MySQL, PHP)?
    Hey Mike. Thx for the thoughts.

    First, the images just don't appear anymore. They are all still on my server, but
    the thumbnails have just disappeared, along with the full size images. And that's in both the admin panel and the live site.

    I didn't want to give the URL because its not linked anywhere online, and it IS
    of pictures of my daughter. I assume as lead developer that you have the means to mask the URL from other users, so I'd appreciate it if you could do that for me.

    The URL is [url removed].

    I just contacted my webhoster and here is their response:

    There has been an update that may or may not affect your application, as safe mode has been turned on for all of our servers, whereas there may had previously been a special request on your account to have this disabled.

    If your support indicates you do need this feature disabled, I can have that completed for you, but only if they confirm it is the issue.

    No one else has any access to my site, and I don't think I've been hacked, as I
    have a blog that sits in a folder higher up than my gallery site, and it remains

    Any help you can give me with this would be great.

    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2005
    Bing, we have a winner =) Plogger doesn't play nice with safe_mode whatsoever.

    Tell them to turn safe_mode off on your account and it should work again.

    My webhoster turned safe mode off and everything works and thanks for your help.

    I love this app! thx for the great support.
    • CommentAuthordizzy
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2005
 web-host refuses to turn off the not happy :(