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    • CommentAuthorwhisky1
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2009 edited
    OK, sorry, never mind!
    I uploaded the plog-config.php in the wrong folder - my bad!
    Don't care about the thread below.


    Hi Community

    I'm using Plogger the first time for a website.
    I was following the installation steps and fill out the configuration form without problems.
    But after the site shows:
    Plogger Configuration Complete
    Configuration setup is now complete.
    Click Install to complete the installation.
    Before you can proceed, please to download configuration file for your gallery, then upload it to your webhost (into the same directory where you installed Plogger itself).

    I click on the "Install"-Button, but nothing happens???
    Also in my database there are no tables. No confirmation, errors or warnings - just nothing...

    Thanks in advance for help!